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    Masternet is a Multi-system Interconnected Financial Platform being the community project built for the Akasic Global project and designed for a greater aim: to integrate with other Blockchain projects in need of real users, catering to everyday’s needs of a huge and prosperous community.


Masternet is a community building project of the Akasic Global ecosystem with the goal of creating 50 million users for the Akasic Global ecosystem and bringing the MASH coin to the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the biggest market capitalization by following a clear roadmap and a powerful vision promising to make 2018 a successful year for the Akasic Global ecosystem.

Akasic Global Whitepaper

Masternet Whitepapaper

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Market problem

The ugly figures are self-explanatory:
– According to Bitcoinst’s data till May 2018, there have been more than 80,000 projects launched worldwide. Unfortunately, the estimated figure for surviving ones that can still continue to deliver what they promised is around eight percent of it.
– Over the first half of 2018, more than 1,000 cryptocurrency projects have been considered as “dead projects” according to TechCrunch’s report, based on the 2 websites Coinopsy and DeadCoins.
Apart from the technical unavailability issue, the problem that the Masternet team found and aim to solve is that those blockchain projects there are not many people using their products/cryptocurrency.

Masternet Solution

We build up strong and healthy communities in the cryptocurrency world and then integrate them with other Blockchain projects, especially projects in the Akasic Global system. The communities will provide mass adoption and support for their products, which ultimately benefits all sides: the communities, the Blockchain projects and the

our vision

To Become the World’s Top Crypto Financial Company with an Interconnected and Open Ecosystem that Caters to Everyday’s Needs of a Huge and Prosperous Community

Our Mission

To foster Blockchain development and adoption in particular and increase the world’s efficiency in general by bringing healthy and strong communities to potential and practical Blockchain projects, making sure they survive and thrive while benefiting the people at the same time.

For now, building a strong community for the Akasic Global is our primary target with the goal of creating 50 million users for the Akasic Global ecosystem and bringing the MASH coin to the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the biggest capitalization world.

About Akasic Global

Akasic Global is incorporated in Seoul, Korea with an Advanced Open-ended Crypto Ecosystem that includes the World’s No. 1 Crypto Exchange for Beginner Traders


By investing into the Crypto Mining facilities, Akasic Global has created an optimal environment for community members and investors to grow continuously.

The ecosystem

eco image logo akatrade
Provides beginner traders with advanced trading tools to earn more, lose less, and trade at millions of transactions per second.
eco image logo akamining
AkaMining is originated from profitable and established crypto mining organizations in Korea and China. Akasic Network continuously expands and improves its network of crypto mining facilities in order to develop the communities and perfect its crypto ecosystem.
eco image logo akaplay
Akaplay is a collection of crypto games, advertisements and promotion campaigns within the Akasic Network.
eco image logo akapay
AkaPay is a Payment Gateway that allows merchants to generate QR code and receive payments from traders.
eco image logo akacard
Akacard is a card issued by Akasic Network to withdraw cash at all of partner banks' ATMs.
eco image logo akabot
Akabot is an A.I virtual assistant that inhabits Akamess, sends you news, and suggest orders to place on Akatrade. It can notify you on market trends and consult on trading strategies. The Artificial Intelligence system makes trading easier than ever by allowing you to predict trends and place orders according to the most profitable traders or trading funds.
eco image logo akamess
Akamess is an advanced Crypto Social Network with a Command - line - interface Cross - platform Omni - channel Messenger that integrates with most of the world's top crypto exchanges so that you can trade, retrieve information and exchange resources seamlessly. Akamess also allows you to deposit and transfer cryptocurrencies with a few clicks, all while protected by advanced security systems.
eco image logo akastore
AkaStore is a network of fixed stores and “moving stores” that adopt AkaPay. The community can buy or sell anything on AkaStore and make payments in the cryptocurrency of Akasic Network. Through Akasic Network, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or even big corporations can introduce their products and services to the massive Akasic Network communities.

Token Distribution

Deployment of ERC20 Algorithm on Ethereum Blockchain
Total Supply: 200,000,000 MASH

  • 40%
  • 10%
  • 50%

mash distribution

Product & Market Development
100,000,000 MASH
Team & Advisors
80,000,000 MASH
Big Partners
20,000,000 MASH
  • 30%
  • 20%
  • 50%

Product & Market development
plan with 100 million MASH

Product Development
50,000,000 MASH
Trader Community Building, Marketing
30,000,000 MASH
20,000,000 MASH
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Project Planning



Partnership Establishment & Project Developmment



Project Launching



Community Growing



Ecosystem Integration